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Acer Laptop Repair Services in Pudong,Shanghai

Acer Laptop Repair Services in Pudong,Shanghai

Acer Laptop Repair Services in Pudong,Shanghai

Top 8 Acer Laptop Problems We’ve Seen

Laptop problems, just like any other machine, are quite common. They range from basic issues to complicated ones that require specialized attention. Let’s focus on some of the common problems you may be having with your Acer laptop, regardless of the model, and the symptoms you may experience when they occur.

Broken LCD Screen


Among the most widespread problems associated with all laptops involves the LCD screen. Typically, this type of repair requires a complete panel replacement, as LCD screens cannot cost-effectively be fixed. You should be aware of the fact that screens differ in size: there are some that come in widescreen displays and others as standard size. Your Acer LCD screen could also be glossy or matte in appearance. They also come in different resolutions, even those of the same size. It is of great significance to your laptop if you obtain not only the correct replacement part but also the correct installation to avert any problems now or in the future.

Common symptoms:

  • Appearance of scratches on the LCD screen. Some may opt to use scratch removing solutions that tend to further dissolve the coating giving your screen an unsightly appearance. If your screen has been affected deeply, the only solution is to replace the screen with another one
  • Dead pixels: these appear as the LCD ages or if excessive pressure has been applied on the screen. Sometimes they are the result of a manufacturing defect. If your screen remains white or colorized even after you’ve cleaned the black spots, these may be dead pixels
  • Dark LCD panel or the screen displays lines or other image flaws
  • Only part of the screen displays the image
  • One or more multiple colored lines is visible along the screen
  • Flickering, dimming or no backlight
  • Wide band running along the screen
  • Loose hinges or improper LCD bezel fitment

Keyboard Issues


Some keyboard problems are basic and can be solved by changing your computer’s software settings. However, others are more complex and involve the removal of the keyboard from the laptop to check if it’s really a keyboard problem or another component failure. A laptop’s keyboard is usually connected to the motherboard by a ribbon cable and should be removed delicately, otherwise you can damage the laptop. Most keyboard problems are irreparable; typically we have to obtain another keyboard to replace the faulty one.

Common symptoms:

  • You press a single key but it unexpectedly types two letters
  • Some keys stop working completely
  • One or more keys are removed or have broken off
  • Keys are sticky or stiff
  • Liquid spills on the keyboard causing malfunction

Non-Working Hard Drive


Common symptoms:

  • Your hard drive is not being recognized in the BIOS
  • The operating system is extremely slow
  • Your laptop continually restarts
  • Upon it’s initial boot process, the laptop locks up
  • You can hear whirring, clicking and other physical noises
  • Blue screen (of death) appears frequently
  • You see error messages such as “boot device not found” (even when the hard drive is set as the first boot option), “hard drive is not formatted” or “operating system not found.” In most cases these messages mean we will have to replace the hard drive entirely.

Optical Drive Failure


Acer laptop repair services may at times involve the optical drive also referred to as CD/DVD-RW drive. Optical drives come with either an ATAPI connector or the more recent SATA connector and they are not interchangeable. If your optical drive is failing or has already failed, there are several factors you need to consider before installing a new one, such as interface, speed, cost and feature set.

Common symptoms:

  • Your optical drive cannot read or write media
  • Your optical drive cannot be recognized by Windows or other programs
  • Discs burned in some formats are unrecognizable

Memory Failure


RAM can fail at any time (often due to manufacturer defects or overheating) and cause a variety of issues. The RAM or memory on your Acer laptop will vary from one model to another. The three most common types found in older Acer laptops are DDR, DDR2 and SDRAM.

Common symptoms:

  • The screen remains completely blank even though the laptop is turned on
  • The graphics are severely distorted
  • Your system won’t boot
  • The system crashes during Windows installation
  • You observe frequent appearances of the “blue screen”

Motherboard Failure


The motherboard (system board) in Acers and all other laptops is very specific and can only be used on the same model. Every part in a laptop is connected to the motherboard and this is one of the most expensive parts that can fail. A motherboard malfunction requires an expert repair solution but at times the cost of repair can exceed the value. In certain cases we have recommended that customers purchase a brand new laptop altogether. In this case the data can be migrated from the old computer to the new one, preserving continuity.

Common symptoms:

  • Your laptop is completely dead, there is not even any LED display activity
  • The laptop turns on and off again continuously until you shut it down completely
  • Your laptop turns on but there is no screen output, yet the power LED briefly flashes
  • When connecting the LCD to a screen or external monitor, the output is garbled
  • Your laptop works well with an AC adapter but not so with the battery on. This may be due to a fault with the charging circuit

Broken DC Power Jack

This is the connection between the AC adapter and the motherboard. This jack is not end-user serviceable and requires specialized attention. Typically the solution involved solder work to replace the damaged part.

Common symptoms:

  • Your laptop will not charge
  • You experience intermittent charging
  • There is an extreme amount of “play” or looseness when the jack is plugged in
  • If you remove the battery from the laptop, your laptop will not power on when connected to a standard wall outlet

LCD Inverter Failure

A laptop inverter is also known as the FL inverter, LCD inverter, backlight inverter or screen inverter and comes in various sizes and shapes. It turns the power supplied by the motherboard (low voltage DC power) to high voltage AC power that is required for the backlight lamp. The result is a bright screen. When this part fails, the repair involves replacing the inverter.

Our Acer Laptop Repair Advice


Repair shops are popping up every other day, many of whom don’t solve your laptop problem completely – its just a matter of time before you start experiencing problems again. If your Acer laptop LCD screen is cracked, it is recommended that the screen be replaced: we can find you a cost effective replacement and install it. Spill liquid on your Acer laptop keyboard? We can remove the defective Acer laptop keyboard and replace it with a new high quality one. If you have an Acer laptop hard disk failure that requires immediate attention, our Acer repair service specialists are experienced in troubleshooting on a wide variety of hardware problems and can install a reliable replacement drive for you.

How to Get Your Acer Laptop Repaired

Steverepair service center offers computer repair at very affordable prices. Our technicians understand the issues that could happen to any individual machine in the Acer laptop product line and offer superb hardware and software service. Steverepair service center will fix damaged or faulty Acer laptops. Call us and explain your problem to our staff, and they will show you exactly what needs to be done to your laptop, and will give you the lowest cost to service your Acer laptop. We are committed to the highest quality service at an affordable rate. We seek to build long-term relationships with devoted Acer laptop fans and strive to offer each customer first rate laptop repair service on their Acer laptop models.


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