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iPad 2 Repair Services in Pudong,Shanghai

iPad 2 Repair Services in Pudong,Shanghai

iPad 2 Repair Services in Pudong,Shanghai

Almost everyone is dying to get their hands on the second generation of iPad – the iPad 2. Designed, and developed by Apple, it serves as a platform for audio and visual media. With its lithium ion polymer battery and dual core processor, you have up to 10 hours of gaming, movie watching, reading, and internet surfing. The front and rear facing cameras also come in handy for FaceTime video calling and snapping memorable pictures anytime, anywhere.

Released on March 2011, it is sold in the United States and 25 other countries and has reached many others by the end of May 2012. A number of publications and blogs have published praises for the iPad 2; however its software and iOS restrictions have drawn a general criticism from many technology websites and experts. Even so, more than 14 million units were sold in the third quarter of 2011.

The iPad 2 boasts state of the art technologies during its release and has pushed tablet hardware technology to new heights. However, this comes at a price because of new and additional problems to deal with. This also means that quality repair services for the iPad 2 are needed.

iPad 2 Problems We’ve Seen

Despite its overwhelming specs, the iPad 2 has also faced a number of complaints from users. One of the most common problems it contains is faulty WiFi connectivity. When your device is working, it is divine. It feels like Apple has incorporated all the great features of the Mac and iPhone. However, not accessing the WiFi makes you want to throw it out the window. Other issues include backing up and syncing failure, ghost apps, random rough performance, and many more.

Cracked Screen

Your iPad 2 is not immune to absorbing the blow from a horrifying drop.  If you drop your tablet, chances are you could break its screen. If it still works with a cracked screen your only problem is the glass screen and it can be replaced. There are also instances where the touch screen will stop working. In most cases, when the touch screen stops working the digitizer needs to be replaced.

Common symptoms:

  • Visible physical damage to the device such as cracks and scratches.
  • Your device does not respond to touch commands.

Wifi Connectivity Issues

 Although experienced by a few, WiFi connectivity issues can hinder your whole iPad 2 experience. Since most of the applications installed on the device require the use of the Internet, you may find it nearly unusable without the connection. So, how did your device get these connectivity problems?

Most of the complainants have experienced the problem after upgrading their device into iOS 5.1.1. If you have performed this upgrade and are now are experiencing this issue, it is possible to have the WiFi problem fixed.

Common symptoms:

  • Intermittent loss of signal
  • Inability to find a network
  • Disconnection of WiFi in standby mode

Display Issues

The display system is responsible for displaying the sharp and beautiful images that you see on the screen. It is composed of the glass cover, digitizer, LCD screen and the backlight and each of these components can become faulty.

Other issues that fall in this category are backlight bleeding and a yellowish tint on the display. For the latter, depending on the intensity of the yellow tint it may start to disrupt the colors and the way you use your device altogether. Should any of these iPad 2 display issues come about, do not panic since these problems can be easily resolved.

Common symptoms:

  • Backlight intensity is not equal throughout the whole display screen.
  • Visible yellowish tint.
  • Backing Up and Syncing Failure

Backing up and syncing your device to your computer is important in keeping a copy of your files safe in case of unfortunate evens such as theft and damages. That is why it can be very frustrating to find out one morning that you cannot do that. There are a number of things you have tried, but they just do not work. This can be caused by a corrupted version of iTunes.

Common symptoms:

  • Sync sessions failure to complete

Ghost Apps

There are some users who experience what Apple techs call as Ghost Apps. These applications basically just start by themselves without running them. You cannot do anything about that by yourself except wipe out your whole device. However, you may lost history of your installed applications and may not repopulate them after. This may be caused by wiping the screen with an item that may cause static to accumulate.

Common symptoms:

  • Random running of apps and sub-menu
  • Zooming in and out of apps
  • Random letter typing in Google Search

Random Rough Performance

With a dual core processor and 16 to 64 GB memory storage, your iPad 2 should run applications very smoothly. However, there are times when the device is a bit sluggish especially when running and quitting certain applications. This may be caused by a faulty update of the iOS. The rough performance may also affect internet connectivity and ruin your whole experience. The good news is that this problem can be resolved.

Common symptoms:

  • Sluggish internet browsing
  • Sluggish animation when opening and quitting applications such as the App store
  • Apps misbehaves and email crashes
  • Delayed touch response

Our iPad 2 Repair Advice

The iPad 2 is a device that needs special expertise when it comes to troubleshooting and repairing most hardware problems. The tendency of most users is to try and do the repairs themselves after consulting online videos and tutorials on how to do it. Trust us, most of these attempts end in disaster and doing more damage to the device.

How to Get your iPad 2 Repaired

Repairing the iPad 2 requires special tools and trained professionals that can accurately diagnose the problems and do the necessary steps to repair the problem.And that is exactly what we do at Steve repair service center. We have the trained technicians and the tools that will figure out what is wrong with your tablet and repair it.Wherever you live we can repair it.


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