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iPad 3 Repair Services in Pudong,Shanghai

iPad 3 Repair Services in Pudong,Shanghai

iPad 3 Repair Services in Pudong,Shanghai

iPad 3 is all set to be revealed in February this year. We, iPad 3 Repair division of  Steve repair service center, are all set to provide you with excellent repair services as we always do. For those who don’t know, iPad 3 is a revamped version of iPad 2 with better graphics, processor and over all look and feel. We are already excited about this new gem of a tablet from Apple and our iPad 3 Repair division is already in process to acquire genuine spare parts.

The iPad 3 is said to be the tablet that will revolutionize the market. For the new iPad 3, Apple might try to reach a resolution of 2560×1920. That resolution would be over 6x the number of pixels of the current iPad, and 2.5x the linear resolution in each dimension. Apple has been rumored to be bringing a “Retina” display to the iPad 3, though there has been little talk of it recently. It’s possible that the iPad 3 will have a brand new processor, Apple’s A6. Apple may well surprise us, of course, but we’d expect to see the same processor and graphics as the iPad 2 in the iPad 3: an A5 processor with PowerVR SGX543MP2 graphics. About the retina display, which was widely predicted for the iPad 2, but of course the current iPad doesn’t have a double-resolution display: for now, that’s something you can only get in the iPhone 4. The iPad 2 has the familiar 16/32/64GB storage options, but as flash storage comes down in price a 128GB option for the iPad 3 isn’t impossible.

iPad 3 Repair Shanghai

Did you drop your iPad 3 and now you are experiencing problems with it? Is the touch screen cracked, or LCD white? Or maybe the charging port is burned and your iPad 3 is not syncing? Did the power button stop working? Or is the backpart is dented? Lucky for you, here at Steve repair service center, we can fix most iPad 3 repair Shanghai problems easy! Stop by our store or mail in your damaged iPad 3 to have the issue repaired properly and at the most affordable rates in the market.

We carry out a range of Apple iPad repair Shanghai services including accidental damage and liquid spill repairs. We also perform iPad 3 repair Shanghai and Upgrades including operating system (Mac OS), memory (RAM) and hard disk drive upgrades, data recovery, airport/wireless network setup, system healthchecks and much more.

Steve repair service center is the perfect choice for expert iPad 3 technical services and fast iPad 3 repairs. We’re available to help you and fix or resolve your Apple iPad problem 7 days a week and extend our renowned iPad 3 service to iPad 3 users throughout the country, not only in Shanghai.

These are some of the most common iPad 3 repairs we encounter:

  • Damaged, smashed or cracked LCD Display.
  • Unresponsive touchscreen (digitizer).
  • Power Issues (no power, device not charging, not starting up, etc).
  • Liquid spillage and accident damage problems resolved.
  • Software issues (device frozen, stuck on recovery, dfu).

iPad 3 boasts of a XQGA display with sharper and brighter LCD panels to enhance and further optimize user experience. It is also believed that iPad 3 will pack a whooping 1 GHz dual core chipset to market itself as a reliable alternate computing device.

iPad 3 Repair division at Steve repair service center has extensive experience in handling repairs for all previous generation iPads. In fact, the team comprises of members who can fix iPad shattered glass in matter of hours. You can listen to the radio show posted below to see how our energized iPad 3 repair team was able to fix an iPad with shattered glass in matter of hours.

Although iPad 3 Repair team can fix any problem with your iPad 3, but here is a list of some very common issues and problems that we fix on priority and in minimum possible time.

  • iPad 3 Screen Repair
  • iPad 3 Processor Repair
  • iPad 3 Screen Scratch Removal
  • iPad 3 Software Problems Repair
  • iPad 3 iOS version upgrade services
  • iPad 3 GPU Repair
  • iPad 3 Accelerometer Repair
  • iPad 3 Screen Orientation Problems Repair
  • iPad 3 headphone jack Repair
  • iPad 3 charging dock Repair

In case you have a jailbroken iPad 3 and have lost warranty claims, then we have you covered! iPad 3 Repair division is well versed in the art of handling jailbroken iOS devices and this new iPad 3 is no exception. Normally jailbreaking your iOS device goes smooth, but sometimes you hit problems like non-booting of the iOS device, abrupt restarting and permanent DFU mode issues. iPad 3 repair division has a completely separate software diagnosis section that deals and rectifies all these jailbreak related issues with any iOS device.

iPad 3 Repair On-Site Service:

iPad 3 Repair division Steve repair service center also offers on-site repair service. No matter what problem you are facing on your iPad 3, just give us a call and our trained iPad 3 repair technician will be available ta your doorstep to fix the issue. This service is one the favorite among Shanghai residents and you can check out our exclusive onsite offer and contact method

iPad 3 Repair Walk-In Service:

iPad 3 Repair division at Steve repair service center is open during official operating hours to help all our respected walk-in customers.

If your iPad 3 is broken or damaged, one call is all it takes for us to arrange a free inspection from Steve repair service center, and you will get the most affordable quote around. We use genuine Apple spare parts with a fast turnaround all at a very affordable price. Get your iPad 3 repair Shanghai at Steve repair service center, and ensure your Apple device is in the right hands – the hands of our experienced technicians with years of Apple service expertise.


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