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iPad Repair Services in Pudong,Shanghai

iPad Repair Services in Pudong,Shanghai

iPad Repair Services in Pudong,Shanghai

Asus, Samsung and Lenovo, the Apple iPad has undergone some rapid technical advancements to stay ahead of the competition. Yet with these expedited improvements comes increased problems and thus demand for quality iPad repair. From cracked screens to slow performance, we’ve seen – and repaired – them all.

Top 6 iPad Problems We’ve Seen

While the iPad is arguably a high-end device and one of the most expensive tablets on the market, getting it fixed properly doesn’t have to break the bank, but repairs do often require a delicate hand. When we started working on the first generation iPad shortly after its initial release in April 2010, it was much harder to find parts and troubleshoot issues at that time. We now live in a new era in which we stock or can obtain any iPad part required for all generations, and we’ve built our own internal knowledge repository based on years of experience. The most frequently reported issue is cracked glass due to impact from dropping, stepping or sitting on it. This repair requires a precision placement of the part with the correct adhesive material to ensure a tight seal and to prevent dust particles from entering (otherwise you’ll gradually discover debris appearing under the glass over time). We’ve also received many reports describing operating system sluggishness, wireless card / wifi not working properly, iCloud and iTunes sync issues and more.

Cracked Screen 

Thousands of people have already discovered that an iPad is not like a sturdy laptop. If you drop your device, you will most likely experience the spider glass effect. While the iPad may continue to work, you may have nasty glass shards to deal with and the touch screen itself may stop working. In almost every case we’ve seen, the only part you need to replace is the touchscreen digitizer.

Common symptoms:

  • Spider web or fractured/broken glass. Note that there are two different parts of the front assembly that connect together, the digitizer and the LCD screen. The digitizer covers the entire surface and sits on top of a high resolution LCD: together they form the display component. If your touch inputs are not working, but you can see the display, this indicates a problem with the digitizer.
  • You do not see any picture or if the picture is very dark. This indicates that you may need to replace both the digitizer and the LCD.

Battery Replacement

The internal rechargeable lithium-ion polymer (LiPo) battery in an iPad very often fails; however, it’s a non-end user serviceable part, thus requiring a technician’s hand to remove and replace it. You can tell if you need a new battery by the length of the charge that is held by a device. If you plug your iPad into a standard wall outlet and the iPad still will not charge, you may have a problem with the power / USB cable or the power adapter itself.  However, it could be the battery that has lost its capacity to hold a charge. Battery failure happens to many iPads that are overcharged, leading to power issues that will get worse over time.

Common symptoms:

  • The Apple logo fades in and out when the iPad is plugged in.
  • You have to charge your iPad every few hours to keep a charge.

Back Cover Replacement

As sleek and well-designed as an iPad is, you may find over time that your iPad back cover will become damaged or worn out.  If the iPad back housing is dented, dirty or scratched, you can have it professionally replaced to regain that clean, award-winning aesthetic. The iPad backplate is easily scratched, scuffed and damaged through normal wear and tear.  We can change out this entire piece with a new one and make your iPad shiny and new again.

Common symptoms:

  • Your shiny, gorgeous housing has a dent or scratches or a smudge that you just can’t remove.

Data Recovery

We also perform iPad Data Backup and data recovery for damaged units.  Even the iPad is susceptible to loss of information, corruption and file system damage.  Be careful – ipad data recovery software claims to restore your files, but can actually cause further damage. Our technicians have been able to recover deleted iPad emails and recover deleted iPad photos as well as email attachments, movies, music and contact lists with a high rate of success.

Common symptoms:

  • You are unable to access the information on your iPad either directly or via sync tools.

Software Issues

The most common problems include missing icons, force close application hangs, and iOS upgrade problems. You may experience lesser-known symptoms such as video conversion errors, Facetime application corruption, lost applications (along with the inability to retrieve via iCloud), web browser problems (probably Safari) and more.

Common symptoms:

  • All kinds of glitches, strange behavior, and problems too numerous to list.

Wireless Connectivity (Wi-Fi) Issues

If your internet connection is dropping, this could indicate a problem with the internal wifi card – it’s a common issue. There are various troubleshooting steps to try and remedy this, including resetting the device and/or network settings, updating the firmware of the router you are connecting to, changing from DHCP to static IP, and more. Your router dual band (2.4 and 5 GHz) configuration may not work properly either, or you may have a conflict with a security setting (such as WEP vs. WPA), QoS (Quality of Service), VPN or proxy. These issues were more common with the first-generation Wi-Fi iPad but can occur with other models as well.  We use our own 100% compatible internal wireless network in our lab to troubleshoot wifi issues and can typically resolve the problem by addressing it purely on a software level, without any hardware repair. If your router is suspect, we can provide scheduled service at your location to troubleshoot your network.

Common symptoms:

  • You are unable to connect to a wireless network.

Our iPad Repair Advice

Don’t try and fix an iPad screen by yourself! We receive many repairs that began as a do-it-yourself project but turned into a disaster, in the end costing your more time and money. Cracked or broken screens and malfunctioning parts should be repaired and fixed by professionals using all of the licensed Apple replacement parts using the correct tools.

How to Get Your iPad Repaired

Steve repair service center is a full-service, award-winning repair shop owned and operated by a team of dedicated technicians. Since 1999 we have fixed thousands of devices and offer fast turn-around, high quality, warranty-backed repairs with superior workmanship. We offer every type of iPad repair imaginable, but some of the many iPad services that we provide include troubleshooting of the most common issues: iPad LCD Repair, liquid spill cleanup (from water damage or other type of liquid), glass repair (otherwise known as the digitizer), and more. No matter where you live, we’ve got you covered! We also repair other Apple products such as the Macbook series and the iPhone product line.


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