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Samsung Phone Repair Services in pudong,Shanghai

Samsung Phone Repair Services in pudong,Shanghai

Samsung Phone Repair Services in pudong,Shanghai

Here at Steve repair service center, the number one place for computer repair Shanghai, we offer top Samsung phone repair Shanghai for all models. All our repairs are performed using only genuine Samsung parts. We are an authorized center for Samsung repair San Diego offering a complete warranty and out of warranty mobile phone repair service for all Samsung mobile phones. Steve repair service center can perform any repairs, from a replacement touch screen on a Galaxy S to a software reflash on any model.

Samsung Phone Repair Shanghai

If your Samsung phone has been dropped, fear not. We can replace external cosmetic parts to make your Samsung phone look like new again. We can repair most faults as our technicians are experienced Samsung engineers. We can also update your Samsung phone to the latest software version. Having the latest software revision installed ensures your phone operates at optimum performance with the latest features.

We have a water damage station with the equipment and expert knowledge necessary to diagnose and repair phones affected by this common problem. Our electrical testing and repair area is staffed by experts who can identify and repair a wide range of issues – from charging ports to internal power issues.

These are some of the most common Samsung phone repairs we encounter:

  • Samsung phone LCD Repair
  • Samsung phone Charging Errors
  • Samsung phone phone unlock
  • Samsung phone LCD Repair
  • Samsung phone Battery
  • Samsung phone Low Signal
  • Samsung phone Freezing Touchscreen
  • Samsung phone Spares & Parts
  • Samsung phone Cracked Screen
  • Samsung phone Volume Button Failure
  • Samsung phone USB Jack Replacement


All Samsung repairs are carried out by a specialized team of technicians. Any repairs carry a warranty providing you with peace of mind that you are getting the best possible Samsung repair Shanghai.

Steve repair service center’s expertise comes from years of experience in the world of phone repairs. This experience is backed up by Steve repair service center being authorized by Samsung to undertake repairs. We are proud of our team of experienced technicians. We have been repairing cell phones for a long time, so we know exactly what to do to have your Samsung phone running like new in no time. Our team is familiar with everything related to Samsung phones, so they will know exactly what to do in all situations.

Our relationship with Samsung gives us the ability to offer and install quality replacement parts when they are needed.

Samsung Phone Models:

  • Samsung A767 Propel Repair
  • Samsung Behold II T939 Repair
  • Samsung Captivate I897 Repair
  • Samsung Epic 4G/ Galaxy S Pro Repair
  • Samsung Galaxy Vibrant T959 Repair
  • Samsung Gravity 3 Repair
  • Samsung Highlight Spark T749 Repair
  • Samsung Fascinate i500 Repair
  • Samsung T919 Behold Repair
  • Samsung A867 Eternity Repair
  • Samsung T929 Memoir Repair
  • Samsung i617 Blackjack 2 Repair
  • Samsung M800 Instinct Repair
  • Samsung R450 (Messenger) Repair
  • Samsung U650 (Sway) Repair
  • Samsung U740 (Alias) Repair
  • Samsung U750 (Alias 2) Repair
  • Samsung U810 (Renown) Repair
  • Samsung U940 (Glyde) Repair
  • 24hr cellphone: 021-58385580,18964685580 (Steve)
  • ADD:Room 118,No. 255 , Xinjinqiao RD, Pudong District , Shanghai
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